As you may or may not have guessed, we haven’t been doing too much travelling since Baby Brother arrived on the scene. Especially since Big Brother decided to give his baby bro his first ever brother to brother gift: a cold. The wee one is a little congested, and I think he probably has a sore throat. That’s my best guess anyway, because the Bear was generous and gave me his cold, too. But we’re all already recovering nicely…not too much to worry about there.

There’s a nice peace that seems to rest over a home (at least this has been my experience) for the first wee while after a new baby arrives. Around here, there is still a bit of Bear-sized rumpus, but for the most part things seem pretty calm and relaxed. So this Travelling Tuesday, you can join us here in Gordon’s Bay, where we’re settling in with our new bundle of joy…enjoying peace, and a bit of rumpus in turn.

DSC_2676 DSC_2647

One little Bear is delighted to have Goo-goo and Gammy’s attention…


…another just kind of seems to wonder what everyone is looking at.



The big boys have been hard at work around the house…


And one little boy has been hard at work eating, sleeping, and looking cute for the camera.



Big brother is learning to sing songs, say his ABCs, and do the airplane on Dad’s feet with no hands. He has even begun mastering the art of pee-peeing standing up!


Little Brother is definitely learning — we can see it in his eyes — we’re just not sure what he’s figuring out yet.


So we’re enjoying (mostly) peace and quiet around the house this Travelling Tuesday! I hope your Tuesday is going great…and that you’re enjoying your adventure today!