I am halfway through the typing out of the labour story. Actually, knowing how long I take to get through a story I might not quite be halfway yet. But I promise it’s coming. Hopefully tomorrow.

In the meantime, I thought you might be happy for me to peek my head into the blogosphere again to let you know that Baby Blake is doing exceeding and abundantly well. He had a vaccination yesterday. He cried ever-so-briefly, and I managed not to cry. {Probably because I remembered when we walked home from the Bear’s first vaccinations in Edinburgh — he was fine and I was crying — and decided not to watch, and instead prepared to nurse him happy afterwards.}

Like most wee tykes, he lost a few grams in those first days of life, but was already gaining weight again by the time we left hospital. Yesterday at the vaccination he weighed a good 200 grams (7 oz.) above his birth weight. I felt like a super mom and HH bought me a celebratory cappuccino muffin on the way home.

We also had a couple of great nights of sleep last night and the night before…after a late evening (10:30ish) feed, he just woke us once for a good feed at 3 am, and then we all enjoyed sleeping until 6 or 7. Please let this continue…

As the Bear would put it, we’re excited to be wishing Blakey a Happy Birdie! Well done on a stellar first week on the outside!

Happy Birdie, Blakey!

And in case you’re wondering how the Bear is handling all the Baby Change around here…


We think our little superhero big brother is doing just fine.