The Hubs got up super-early one morning a couple weeks ago to head down to the beachfront for some peace, quiet, and photo-snapping opportunities. This pregger lady stayed in bed. He came back with what I would classify as some lovely five-star photos. I enjoyed them from the comfort of the couch at a reasonable hour.

And so can you!

Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t get out there and regularly experience a sunrise or two for yourself, but if you’re thirty-seven weeks pregnant and getting up to wee five to seven times a night, I think there’s grace for sleeping a little later than sunrise. Just saying.

There are a couple of beautiful beach spots in and around Gordon’s Bay. HH just headed to the main beachfront that the downtown area sits alongside. I hope you enjoy! I feel like I was there…

Duck, duck… goose!

The New Harbour and our neighbourhood is in the way back background on the far left:




Gordon’s Bay’s Old Harbour is in the background, and the hills of Cape Town leading to Cape Point are on the horizon! (This body of water is called False Bay.)


{The mountain right of centre is Table Mountain.}


I love dis one!


What does the side of this rock look like to you?


{Anybody else see a pokey little puppy?}

My two favourites:



Sometimes it’s worth getting up before the sun, hey? 🙂

Happy Tuesday, friends! Hope you’re having a great week!


P.S. Still no baby news to speak of…but the day is young!