Hey friends — I just have a few quick questions for you. Do you have a moment to answer three wee queries for me?

  1. Could you would you pretty please visit this link at espn and Vote for Coach Calipari of the University of Kentucky, who has chosen Samaritan’s Feet as his charity of choice in the Infiniti challenge, in partnership with ESPN? We’re in second place (about 20% behind first place) and winning could mean $100,000 for Samaritan’s Feet. That works out to about 10,000 pairs of shoes getting distributed to impoverished children around the world. It will take a moment to register, but then the website will remember you and you can vote every day until the contest ends on March 11th.

    Will you vote preez? A pair of shoes can change the course of a life.

  2. Are you interested in going on a mission trip with Samaritan’s Feet this year? I am confident that if you did, it would be a week that would change your life. Between May and August of this year, teams will be shooting off to SOUTH AFRICA, Brazil, Haiti, Iraq, SOUTH AFRICA, Nigeria, Peru, SOUTH AFRICA and Zimbabwe. Wait, did I mention SOUTH AFRICA?

    Never have I understood the words of Jesus that it is more blessed to give than during my experiences in short term missions
    . A short term missions trip literally changed the course of my life. If you are even remotely interested in hearing more about the upcoming trips, would you mind leaving a comment on this post? You can put an email and a phone number if you like. You don’t have to include a contact number. And, you don’t have to put your email address into the comments section — I’ll be able to find the address you register with behind the scenes without you typing it out for all the internet spam monsters to grab it and get busy. You can also visit Samaritan’s Feet’s website to find out more.

    If you’re thinking about thinking about it, will you leave a comment, preez? A short term mission trip can change the course of a life. And I mean yours.IMG_9985

  3. Easiest question of the three. If you were having a baby boy tomorrow, what would you name him? I might not, but hey, it could happen. 🙂

    Will you pray that we’ll have peace about the right name? A name can change the course of a life!

Thanks for taking a moment with these three wee questions. No contractions yet, other than a few Braxton-Hicks. Love you guys.