These days are like lyrics from the 2005 Madonna hit with some ABBA sampling… Time goes by. So slowly. I suppose it’s because I’m 39 weeks pregnant, not feeling up to getting out much more than is absolutely necessary, tinkling so often I’m concerned there will soon be a world shortage on toilet paper, and glancing at the clock throughout the day, saying “Is that it?”

We’re still keeping busy with baking (and enjoying the fruits of that labour), of course, most recently brownies and chocolate chip muffins, and everything seems to be ready for baby’s arrival except, well, baby.

I’ve been reading lots and enjoying a very calm period before what will most likely be a very busy period. And we folks at the Collie household have been doing a lot of sitting still, enjoying some diverting conversation to pass the time.

Today at lunch, the subject came up of the royal engagement of the Prince of Monaco. Perhaps this summer will be deemed the Summer of Royal Weddings. Besides Prince William and Kate’s do in late April, Prince Albert and a South African lass named Charlene Wittstock are set to tie the knot with a royal wedding sometime in the summer of 2011.

The funny thing about this particular announcement is that Hero Hubs knows the soon-to-be-princess, Miss Wittstock, as he swam with her during his competitive swimming days a few moons ago. He also did a course in Sports Massage Therapy during his swimming career, and Charlene was one of his patients.

Agnes and I had lots of giggles at the thought of this everyday gal becoming a princess. My immediate response was to ask if she and Mark were friends on Facebook. After a few more laughs Agnes began considering how Charlene would have to change all her documentation to include the title “Princess.” The comment that took the cake (by Agnes):

She could get “Princess” as the title on her bus pass!


Should Charlene Wittstock require a bus pass after her magical royal wedding this summer, she will now have the privilege of visiting the Lothian Bus offices on Waverley Bridge in central Edinburgh and requesting that the title placed before her name be “Princess.”

And these are the types of things we chat about while we wait. Time goes by. So slowly. 🙂


P.S. Charlene, if you’re reading this, Mark Collie says hi. He and his wife would love to come to your wedding.