In the year that I worked as a pawnbroker, I only took in, as far as I know, one piece of fake jewelry. An interesting part of the experience of standing behind the Pawn Shop counter is learning that people come in with the intention of swindling you. People often hope to get as much money as they can for something a) they are not coming back for, b) they stole and shouldn’t be selling or c) isn’t what they say it is.


They stand in front of you and lie and, teary-eyed or confident, they’re convincing.

A girl stood on the other side of my counter one day with a gold chain. It should’ve clicked when she seemed surprised at the amount I offered her for it. I did a quick scratch test to see if it was real, but it can be difficult to tell if things are gold plated. My inexperience made me an easy target, and I gave the girl $100 for a necklace that wasn’t worth ten….

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