Great news, dear friends who’ve been anticipating this birth for forty weeks…or at least four or five days…our bonnie little boy finally arrived this morning! After the days and days of waiting, he decided it was time, and made his way into the world…fast!

Contractions started just before 3 am, we left for the hospital just after 4:00, and Baby Boy entered the world at 4:21 — 9 minutes after Mr. Potato Head pulled into the hospital parking lot! My head is still spinning!

I’m looking forward to sharing photos, and a few more details of the wild ride that was this labour story…but for now I need to rest and recover a bit! The baby is a big one — 4.160 kgs (9.17 lbs) — eating well and sleeping sweetly. I am a little dizzy, a little sore and a lot exhausted…but amazed at how quickly this came about. God has been good to us.

Oh, yeah, and his name!

Blake Darrow Collie

Another story that deserves its own blog post. 🙂

Pictures and details coming soon — thank you for the love and congrats in the meantime. And for those of you who prayed for a speedy delivery — WOW, but those were some effective prayers! Thanks!

Love you guys — thanks for hanging in there with me!