It’s Valentine’s Day today, which means it’s an excellent day to think about love, perhaps to eat some chocolate (especially if you’re pregnant), and hopefully to celebrate all the love in your life worth celebrating. Hopefully this can be done without allowing commercialism to a) make you spend money when you shouldn’t or b) make you feel sorry for yourself when you shouldn’t.

{When any of the multiple Saint Valentines were martyred in Ancient Rome, I’m pretty sure none of them had boxes of chocolate in mind. Helping Christians get married at a time when you weren’t supposed to be helping Christians do anything, now that deserves some celebrating.}

Let’s extend the love to not just be about a significant other whom we should shower with gifts, or be showered by, whatever the case may be, today. (Saint Valentine risked his life to help people who may have been strangers.) Perhaps you can take an opportunity to be generous to a stranger — come back and tell us what happens!

I am celebrating the special love that grandparents have for grandchildren today by sharing the video we created for my Mom (a bit belatedly, but just in time for Valentine’s) in celebration of her trip to visit us here in SA late last year, around the Bear’s birthday. Hero Hubs of course made it extra-specially boo-tee-full, so I thought you might enjoy it, too!

Have a love-filled day!

I’m struggling to get the Video (on Vimeo) to embed, so just click Mom’s South Africa adventure to watch!

Mom’s South Africa Adventure from Mark Collie on Vimeo.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Wouldn’t today be a great day to give birth?