It’s been a while since I pointed you in a few different directions for a little extra weekend blog-reading enjoyment. Reading some good posts over the past few weeks that I wanted to share with you reminded me, so I decided to collect for a wee while so I’d have some words for you to peruse at your leisure. Plus, you’ll have some other sites to visit if I go into labour.

Hey, it could happen.

In the meantime, allow the Bear to demonstrate what waiting sometimes feels like.


I feel ya, Bear.

Happy weekend!

Thoughts on Hope:

The first post I want to share does feature yours truly in a tiny fashion — a friend of mine complements me well beyond what I deserve — but she goes on to share an encouraging message about the importance of taking care of our hearts. Extra-specially good, it’s Pam who shared with you during our week of {Thanks}giving! I was hoping she’d start writing more regularly!

The post is here.

{Thanks for the love, Pam — your friendship is an absolute treasure.}

For the Marrieds, whilst appropriate for others as well:

On Moving Past Autopilot-Vanilla


For Parents, and the rest of us:

On recognizing that sometimes the things that are least comfortable are most needed.

If you want to buy a gift for the baby:

Can I haz one of deez preez?

Donald Miller on:

the story your life tells.

And finally, I found a ton of great stuff when a friend sent me to GodFirstblog:

like some awesome posts about parenting

and some great encouragement about rest.

I hope you enjoy the weekend {and rest}! I’m planning on taking it easy and preparing for, ya know, the kind of big event that could happen round these parts sometime within the next two weeks. I almost feel prepared, besides the name. Actually, scratch that. If I’m honest, I still have a lot to get together. Can you believe week 38 starts today?

I need to get back to nesting!