Although the world thought Baby Brother’s appearance ought to be in close proximity to the 18th of February, 2011, it rather seems that Baby Brother forgot to check his email, and didn’t get the message.


So we’ve continued to have our cookies, and bake them, too, while we wait for this wee-lad-on-the-way to decide the time is right. As my Mom put it, as many folks put it to her when my brother was two weeks late, When the apple is ripe, it will drop from the tree.

And the Bear paused to consider the profundity of that axiom.


In the meantime, we found an adorable kiddie-sized apron ripe for the picking at a steal of a price at the mall a few days ago.


So we wait, and we bake. {And our happy new apron makes it even more fun!!}


Though it wears a thousand faces, it is all a part of life being created. Stitched together day by day, it is life, and it is good.