I‘m a little tired today. Like, I thought I was going to pass out doing the grocery shop at the Pick n Pay this morning. If Agnes hadn’t been around to help I don’t think I would’ve made it! Our errands at the mall took a little longer than usual because I had to go tinkle three times in the space of a couple hours.


Were you worried I went into labour and no one told you? Well things were just a little wild over the weekend because a sweet friend of mine named Lucy threw me a surprise baby shower. It was such a delightful blessing! Everyone was afraid I would go into labour because of the surprise but wee one is still right as rain, dancing on my bladder and kicking like a ninja.

First let me show you a sweet picture HH took of the Bear before we get into the details of the shower. He cannot fall asleep without a blanky tag nearby.


Although the Bear seems slightly unsettled, with Mom seeming preoccupied and not able to pick him up, and the changes of potty training and big-boy-bedding-it to overcome, he is still doing really well. And I’m pretty sure Agnes is his new BFF.

So, the Baby Shower. Saturday morning the Hubs and I ran out on a few errands, and when we returned to our place, surprise, a dozen ladies had overtaken and balloons and tasty eats and awesome gifts were waiting for me and the wee one on the way.

Everyone came with a name suggestion, which threw me into a bit of a loop, reconsidering names we’d already crossed off the list, but it was fun to hear the ideas and suggestions (and how many were names we’d seriously thought about!) Lucy also asked folks to write a blog post for me, perhaps talking about pregnancy or birth or suggesting names for the Bear. I am hoping to type a few of them out and share them with you here because they were just so special!! I loved that there was a bit of a blogging theme to the shower. Don’t you?

Getting some absolutely adorable baby clothes, and lots of sweet gear including wipes and blankies and teethers oh my, was also pretty awesome. I felt totally spoiled — it is so lovely to see how God provides for us through our friends. I think Danica found the cutest Baby Scrapbook ever made for me.

We prayed for the little one and I heard some encouraging stories about the very positive experiences my friends have had at Vergelegen, the Medi-Clinic (hospital) where wee one will be making his appearance. Please don’t ask me to pronounce the name of the hospital for you; Edinburgh Royal Infirmary was a whole lot easier!

After the sweet shower, making lunch with the gals who had to drive back to Cape Town, and a nice nap, the Hubs and I enjoyed an early Valentine’s Day date just in case the wee one decides to make an early appearance. {Tangled is an adorable movie and the chicken spring rolls at Cape Town Fish Market are a tasty third trimester treat. Good stuff. Thanks, Mom!}

We now have the crib almost ready (the mattress is just on the floor beside the Bear’s big boy bed to help with the occasional fall), diapers and other necessities bought (or received), a mostly-packed hospital bag…okay, less than half-packed but I’ll get there, and the grandparents on standby. And this little one seems to have moved down — by the looks of the bump, a good four or five inches of lowering have taken place — and that is my excuse for needing the loo every thirty minutes or less.

We will most definitely let you know when some action starts to happen around here. I’m a little sad that I don’t think there’s wifi in the hospital. Alas! I’ll show Agnes how to post something to keep you in the know when the joyous arrival comes!

Thanks for all the encouragement, dear friends! The best is yet to come!!