Forgive me. My brain gets song lyrics stuck in it on a regular basis, and it seems to be even worse during pregnancy. And this super upbeat 90s dance tune that goes Ahhh…yeahhay…wanna be my looover? is playing with the repeat button stuck down right now. Yuck. So please read the title to this post with that song as the background music. Perhaps it’s more appropriately written Wanna Name my Bay-bay? so that you can hear it the way I do.

Ahem. You now have my solemn promise that I won’t use the word lover in this space again for a really long time. I’ve never really liked that word.. It hits my dislike list close to the word packet, which for reasons I’m afraid I can’t explain, other than the way it sounds, is just a word I don’t like at all. So next time you throw a big conference, don’t put guest packets at the reception table. Please. I’m confident I’m not the only packet-disliker…I just haven’t met all the word choice soul mates who can stand with me on this one, yet. Speak up if you’re out there…this is getting awkward.

Okay, seriously.

Being from different cultures, countries, contexts and probably some other C-words I’m too tired to think of, the Hubs and I are struggling with the baby name selecting. And he actually suggested that I ask you, sweet friends and blog readers, for suggestions.

He might kind of look like this.

There’s not going to be a magical decision making reveal moment 24 hours after this post hits the web (we won’t make an official commitment until the baby arrives) and I’m afraid I can’t promise you’ll win a special prize if we choose a name you suggest. (Seeing as we don’t have any special prizes, and I think getting to name the kid is enough.)

We’re taking a couple of days off (leaving tomorrow and coming back Saturday) for one last hurrah as a family of three. (Well, we’re already a family of four, number four’s just still on the inside. You know what I mean.) I’ll tell you where we went and share photos when we get back, of course.

We won’t be accessing the internet, but I have a few posts lined up for you while we’re gone…and don’t worry, they’re much more serious and thought-provoking than this one. But in exchange, I think you sweet guys and gals should make some name suggestions for us to read when we get back. We could seriously use some ideas, if nothing else, just to get our creative juices going. But wouldn’t you feel extra special if we chose a name you suggested? I know I would.

But here are the rules:

  1. It has to be a boy name.
  2. You have to find out what it means, and put the name and meaning in a comment on this post.
  3. You have to think about how it sounds with our last name. For example, Oliver will get called Ollie Collie. And that would just stink.

In return, I have some {hopefully} encouraging words coming up for you over the next few days, even though I’ll be away! I’ve had the chance to do some more thinking and writing about Hosea 6:6, as promised a while ago — and I hope it’s going to bless you like it has blessed me. I can’t wait to read your name suggestions when we get back! YAY!

I’ll miss you guys. And I really mean that.