You may have noticed an especially lovely photo yesterday, and if you held your mouse over the cursor you might’ve noticed the very appropriate title, Leaving Doubtful Behind. The funny thing is, that photo was named long before I wrote the post about the Israelites entering the Promised Land. HH took it on a trip to New Zealand a couple of years before we met.

Doubtful is the name of the sound you see in the picture (also below). I marvelled that we’d chosen it for yesterday’s post, not even realising the significance of the name it had already been given, in relationship to the post it was accompanying. Although it was unintentional happenstance, it’s worth taking a moment to consider that receiving the blessings and promises of God often requires Leaving Doubtful Behind.

But it’s Travelling Tuesday, so let’s get on to the photos! After yesterday’s post, I decided that since you haven’t seen them before, some more photos from Hero Hubs’ trip to New Zealand might be nice candy for your peepers this Tuesday. This was nearly seven years and a few cameras ago, but they are still some stunning shots. Enjoy!

Here’s the shot of Leaving Doubtful Behind:

Leaving Doubtful Behind

This is a rocky beach called Punakaiki on the northwest side of the south island. Stwange huh?

Punakaiki 5

Here’s a wee mushroom on a trail near Pearl Harbour.

Mushroom near Pearl Harbour

View of Lake Wanaka:

Lake Wanaka view

Clouds over a town called Akaroa

Clouds over Akaroa

Fox Glacier

Fox Glacier 1

Are you blown away yet by how stunning NZ is? This is Lake Matheson:Lake Matheson 5

Here’s a vintage steam train called the Kingston Flyer, based on the southern shores of Lake Wakatipu. Isn’t that fun to say? Wakatipu! Wakatipu to you!Kingston Flyer 1

A kayak in the Abel Tasman National Park.

The fastest kayak in the Abel Tasman

And, as always, saving my favourites for last, these three photos were all taken on Hall Arm, an arm of the Doubtful Sound. {But we’re leaving doubtful behind, aren’t we?}

Hall Arm 3
Hall Arm 5

Hall Arm 4
Glorious, hey? I feel like Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf, after his dad finished describing the awesome mailroom where he could go and work, with mail from all over the world and shiny bins: “Oooh! Can we go there?”
Thanks for sharing photos, Hero Hubs!! Happy Tuesday, everyone!