I thought this Tuesday might be a good opportunity to look at the everyday with some fresh eyes again. Life isn’t always an exotic destination or a picture perfect sunset on snow-covered mountains. It doesn’t even always exactly seem beautiful, but, then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I’m sharing a few shots this TT, with glimpses of the every day magic that is outside my door. A lot of it is probably outside yours, too. You might have to do some travelling to see the magic here — but why not try appreciating the magic right where you are?

All these shots were taken in our neighbourhood here in Gordon’s Bay.

So Happy Tuesday! Enjoy the magic! {And look for it!}

A neighbour’s dog says hi.

We bought a car seat on Gum Tree but it wasn’t the one we thought it was, so HH took pictures to put it on Gum Tree again before we decided to keep it anyway.



Some of our everyday magic is happening in the kitchen these days, where I am baking like I’m getting paid. {Seriously, on top of the usual daily cooking, I must’ve baked ten things in the past five days, including two cakes.}



More neighbourhood creatures hoping for appreciation…



Or hoping to be left alone:


By the way, did you see what was happening with that seagull? Who’s pinching whom?



And, of course, a personal favourite from life these days for last. I want this wagtail’s portrait on a wall somewhere!


Sometimes we just need to take the time to look for beauty in order to find it, every day.