Happy Tuesday, lads and lassies! As I’ve already mentioned {other than struggling to sleep a wee bit} I am really enjoying being back in our own place. After being away for six weeks, you start to look at home through fresh lenses. And that’s not just because we were blessed with a wonderful new camera over the holidays. But it helps!

This Tuesday is a slice of our journey and return … Hero Hubs snapping away and learning the ropes of our new camera kit, me and the Bear along for the adventure.

The Bear managed to get one of these pay phones off the wall at the airport and promptly began to say, “Hello? Hay-yo? Hay-yo? Gee pa?” Heartwarming moment.

This is the weather we returned to. Don’t be jealous.

We took a walk around the neighbourhood to make sure everything’s still here. Look, a boat!

And we found that the local sense of humour is still in tact. Or maybe they didn’t set this up on purpose.

If the weather’s like this, that means it’s time for… [warning! Pregger shot coming!]

Do you love my big Mama maternity suit?

Please tie my shorts so I can go swim-mee!

Hero Hubs is sharing a little photo magic with us, but hasn’t started picking out five-stars for us yet. (I’ll keep asking!)

Who knew the plant in our garden would bloom with these flowers while we were away?

The neighbourhood heron is still ruling the docks. We love watching him fish. I love watching a big fish go down his skinny throat. Amazing and a little yucky at the same time.

So we’ve hung our hats (and our swim suits) back in Gordon’s Bay after six weeks of Travellin’ — it is good to be home! I don’t know why, but I love this photo.

Hope your week {and your new year} are off to a great start!