No matter how hard things get out there, how tight our finances, how challenging the stuff of life is, the hardest part always happens right here. In driveways and airport entrances, choking back tears and wiping noses, the goodbyes we say on the day that we take off are always the hardest part of my life and work at the moment.

The last time we said these goodbyes, I had no idea it would be such a long time before we got back. I don’t expect it to be nearly as long before we’re back again this time, but the leaving is nevertheless hard.

We take off this afternoon and will arrive in Cape Town in the morning on the 5th. Please say a prayer for safe travels, peaceful transitions and happy Bears, and especially for my Mom and Dad and our goodbyes.


P.S. I might be able to catch you during our long layover in London…if not, I’ll catch you on the Southern side!