Well, there are still a few hiccoughs…a few glitches in the Matrix…a few things I’d like to do to tidy up around here that I’m either a) not sure how to do or b) not sure what to do about yet. But for the most part, this might be the show for a wee while. It’s kind of like a new hair cut — I need to wait a few days before I decide if I like it.

So, I was wondering if you might be desirous of the opportunity to comment (positively or negatively, bold-faced or anonymously), and I would love to hear your thoughts. Especially if there are glitches or things missing or anything else I’m not thinking of. You know I’m pregnant and my brain is in a gabillion places at once, right?

And did you see that I created a wee blog badge? {Scroll down and look on the right for the code.} I think they’re usually that size but now that I look at it, it seems kind of small. What do you think?

Anywho…I’d love to hear your thoughts! Seriously, positive or negative people…just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t take it! And Hero Hubs has great shoulders for crying… 😉

Happy Tuesday, I need to hit the sack!