Ever feel like you’re a little behind and a big behind at the same time? Nevermind. I am trying to get things together now that we’re back in SA and baby brother’s arrival is 40 DAYS AWAY. {I know that’s 5 weeks, but 40 days seems more imminent and pressing!}

So far, three suitcases have not been unpacked from our travels to America. Baby clothes have not yet been sorted or organized. The Bear hasn’t learned to sleep in a big boy bed yet because we haven’t found one. {I am, however, very busy looking for things on Gum Tree!}

If I’m not potty training, clothes stacking, laundry-catching-upping, or big-boy-bed-training, {and I’m not} would you like to know what I am up to when I’m not in the kitchen? {Energy to cook is always the last thing to go — energy to eat makes this a priority!}

Well, I’m hanging puffs.

You heard me.

I’m hanging puffs. Here’s to throwing one back to the New Kids on the Block, who are apparently on their way back in.

The Bear and his baby brother will be sharing a room sooner or later. Well, the Baby will sleep in his crib in our room, but his stuff will be in the Bear’s room. And the Bear’s room is so sad and bland at the moment, I needed to give it a little colour and life.

While we were in the States I bought some tissue paper with this in mind. And yesterday and today, I’ve had the energy to make puffs.

Like these:


These sassy lassies are now hanging above the Bear’s crib…the spot where big boy bed will be before too long. {That’s a Bear’s eye view.}

Here’s a different view, so that you can witness our eloquent hanging methods.

{Raffia + tape = job well done}

The guest room got a splash of colour, too! {These are hanging above the headboard of the big guest bed.}

Care for a couple more shots so you can see the full effect?


Here sleeping Bear lies:

And there are the delicately placed puffs, smiling over him with wispy, friendly, colour-y goodness.

In case you weren’t reading around here a gabillion years ago when I shared the ridiculously easy process of how to make these “pom-poms” or “puffs” or whatever you fancy calling them, here is the post with the tutorial. So easy. Great party decorations. Cheeeeep and cheeerful. Win, win, win.

Hopefully I’ll get around to some more productive nesting over the next few days. In the meantime, at least we’ve got colour! 🙂