Friends (and family), it’s a good thing I can type with my eyes closed because I’m too tired to keep them open long enough to write you this message! I just have three important things to share:

1. We are safely back in South Africa. Yay! We’ve gone from cold enough that the Bear always needed a jacket and an extra layer to, it is so hot, boy just run around in your diaper.

2. That was one of, if not the most grace-covered, smooth and peaceful international trip I’ve ever made. Peace met us around ever corner. These testimonies deserve bullet points.

  • We never had to be in a hurry.
  • We never had to wait in a long line. (Seriously. Incredible.)
  • Time just seemed to agree with us at every stage and we strolled from arrival to pick up to departure, bus to train to brief stop for rest on London layover, terminal to terminal to gate to take-off…
  • The Bear slept more than 3/4 of the first flight and a decent amount on the second, and a little on the layover in between. He only began complaining and asking to get down during the last twenty minutes of the last (eleven hour) flight, and even then, colouring and candy and extra attention were enough to keep him at peace until we were off the flight and on the way home. Wow.

3. I share all of this for one specific reason: To thank you SO much for your prayers. They were answered by our gracious and amazing God. I remember marvelling in the middle of the last flight (the eleven hour one) at how smooth and peaceful things had been. Thank you again and again for your prayers. They were indeed answered!

As it is at the moment, we have returned to our place, attempted to cool off with some time at the pool, and fought to stay awake and go to bed at a reasonable hour, because that usually helps with jet lag. So here I am now, sitting on our bed at 8:36 pm, so incredibly tired my eyes are closing without me even realising for a while. And my head is doing that falling over thing that you were embarrassed of if it happened to you in class in grade school. It just happened again, so ignore typos, if you please.

Thank you friends. Your encouragement and support is amazing. And for those of you who were a part of the incredibly warm welcome we received in the US, we can’t thank you enough. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! And goodnight. 🙂

From Africa, With Love,