Although it’s a bit belated if you’re in my time zone, I thought I might be able to provide a little entertainment to help you through the weekend with some fresh Friday Free-for-All links! There’s a ‘buzz phrase’ in South Africa at the moment, Local ‘n Lekker, which means local, and very nice, good, or cool, depending on the context I guess. (I’ve done my best to explain ‘lekker’ before: read it if you haven’t already right here.) It’s even on a chocolate bar I like to eat that has ‘Ouma’ {Grandma} Fudge inside. I thought, ya know, in the LnL spirit, I’d try to keep things Local ‘n Lekker for you this weekend.

Bear Swinging at a Park with Table Mountain in the Background: Local 'n Baie (Very) Lekker

Since a lot of you are new, I’ll send you on a bit of a very local treasure hunt, if I may, before we branch out a bit.

Friday:: May I share some thoughts about choosing the path of most resistance? They’re from a year ago, when I could still run for more than, uh, twenty paces or so.

Saturday:: Did I ever tell you about the time I made £5 at a Strip Club? How’s that for some Saturday night reading?

Stay in the neighbourhood by visiting an awesome homeschooling Mom of Seven + 1 kids over at se7en. (They also live near Cape Town!) I’m not linking to a specific post because I think being a Mom of seven, just about anything she has to say is worth reading! Poke around for a bit! Get some crafty ideas or bake something fabulously kid-tested and mother-approved.

And Sunday:: Stroll over to enjoy a brief moment with Alece at grit&GLORY? Be challenged to give forgiving yourself some fresh thought. Alece is an American with Africa in her heart like me. (She lived here for a long time too, so you can poke around over there to get more of her incredible backstory. It is truly one full of grit and glory.)

After you’ve enjoyed your treasure hunt, you can take a moment to say a prayer for the Bear who is absolutely LOVING having our guests around. The prayer is for next week, when they leave I think he is going to be GUTTED! We are having a blast and we saw whales, up close and personal in Hermanus today. It. Was. Amazing.

Enjoy the weekend! I hope it’s a Local ‘n Lekker one!