Hi guys and gals! I’ve been asked about what’s happening with the camera and our letter to Canon, so here’s the update: Nothing. My guess is around 50 people emailed Canon on our behalf, although I’m not sure how many folks may have emailed and not cc’d me. We haven’t heard anything back yet…no response so far.

But friends, I want to thank YOU so much for writing emails on our behalf. They were really a blessing and an encouragement to us, and it meant a lot to have you behind us with such kind words. Thank you for making the effort to say something. We read such beautiful words from friends and from strangers, and it really meant a lot.

We were thinking about switching to Nikon when we realised we were going to be starting over with a new camera (before we wrote the letter) so now might be the time! 😉 In God’s good timing!

Thanks again and again, friends!

In other news, we’re having a great time with our friends who are visiting, and possibly planning another visit to see Mirriam and her gang next week. I am, of course, very excited about that!

The Bear would stop by to say hi to you all, but he’s too busy having fun with Uncle Will (or as he pronounces it Oooey-gum) and Aunt Heather (Hea-ven).

And the little one on the way is too busy kicking me from the inside, and causing me to suddenly, significantly start poking out with a proper bump! Although that could be the chocolate brownies. Whoo-hoo!