We have had an unbelievably peaceful day getting ourselves together in preparation for our flights this evening. I think we should always leave at night for these types of trips!

This is the first time ever we’ve been so relaxed in getting things together, and will have clean sheets on the bed and a tidy house to come home to, and I have a few minutes to spare just to say, Hooray! We’re heading to the Carolinas soon! {Hero Hubs is probably not just pumped because we’re heading out, but also because I’ll stop singing “In My Mind, I’m Going to Carolina…” soon.}

Would you believe we even had a baptism this afternoon — the first time Hero Hubs has baptised someone! It was a special event and I hope to have some pictures to share soon. Baptisms at the beach are grrrrreat!


We really are off to the airport in half an hour, and there are just two quick things I want to mention before we go.

#1 Will you say a prayer for our travels and, more specifically, for the Bear to hop on the airplane, lay his little head down and go right to sleep? Please pray that things will be grace-covered and smooth sailing, Cape Town to London, and London to Atlanta. Smooth flying. You know.

#2 I have been reading and readying the {Thanks}giving posts for next week and I am just pumped. I think you’re going to be encouraged, perhaps challenged, but above all, all kinds of thankful by the time the week is through! And I don’t think I’m gonna type a word…I’ll just be reading and soaking it all in!

So don’t miss this special event kicking off with a Zimbabwean flair bright and early Sunday morning…

Alrighty…I’ll holler when I’m Stateside, y’all!