Between the piles of laundry and the preparations for our departure on Friday, I’ve managed to get some photos up on the Samaritan’s Feet South Africa website that I thought you might enjoy. We had the privilege of going back to visit Mirriam again last week while our friends were visiting, and to bless the kids in her care with a new pair of shoes, in a mini-distribution.

{To see the photos, click here!}

This might be my favourite…

At the end of the distribution, Mirriam and the children sang for us, and guys, it was like the time before when we first visited — such heavenly voices praising and glorifying the Lord. It was a humbling and inspiring gift. How this pregger lady didn’t bawl her eyes out, I’m not sure. I think I was trying to be strong, so I managed to quietly wipe away a few tears. My friend who was visiting was in tears, too!

To God be the glory, indeed!

And now, I better get back to the laundry… 🙂