A few weeks ago I was finally so tired of looking at a bare wall above our fireplace I was willing to do something about it. With budgetary constraints and a desire to spend on other things before decorating, I decided to get creative with what we had to put something on the wall.

I had the lovely flower painting you see below, which was a gift from our neighbour for our anniversary. We call the flower “Hettie” because Hettie is the name of the neighbour who painted it. But Hettie was a bit too small to take up the whole wall by herself.

I also had this three-space picture frame from Ikea which had boring, ugly standard photos in it. I was really bummed when I got it home (two years ago) and realised it wasn’t meant to be opened to replace the photos. But for £5, I held onto it and figured we could work some magic sometime. Hero Hubs pulled out the staples for me, and I printed out some inspirational words, on regular old computer paper right here at home, and arranged them to suit my exceptionally refined taste. 😉

Hero Hubs made a wee picture frame for me a while back with some wood we’d picked up for free, and I decided to paint it black. And then the magic that makes this the favourite thing hanging in our home began.

I printed out the words “for God so loved the world” in a few different fonts and styles, and gave them to the Bear to colour. I gave him the colours I wanted him to use, and he went to town of his own accord. When he took the blue crayon and made circles that reminded me of the shape of the world, I was completely convinced that he was a genius and fell in love with this little drawing he’d created in three minutes or less.

So with the back of an Otees box ready as backing, I carefully arranged the Bear’s first fine arts project in Hero Hubs’ frame, and felt that the communal effort art project was ready to grace the naked wall.

What do you think of our family art project?

Perhaps we have a budding Van Gogh in the crib! Let’s hope his ears stay in tact.