I am trying out a new piece of software which could *potentially* save me loads of time when it comes to writing and posting blog posts for you guys.

Right now, it’s like a four step process where I write the blog in one type of software, Journler, paste it into a Word document to change the font size and make sure it doesn’t start acting funky, copy and paste it from there into WordPress, upload pictures one by one, and other html bits and pieces, and then finally schedule it to show up online whenever it seems appropriate. See how hard I work for you?

So I’m running a trial version of MacJournal to see if it will help cut a few steps out of this rather lengthy process.

Sorry if that was TMI.

Anyway, this morning I tried posting a “test post” to my site which may have happened to appear in your inbox if you subscribe to this blog, or perhaps you saw it advertised on Facebook, clicked over, and were sorely disappointed to see a one line post here to greet you. I was under the impression that MacJournal would send the post to my drafts so that I could edit the html, play around with the post, and then click publish. Obviously I was wrong.

Anywho, I’m going to post this rather lengthy explanation of stuff you might not give a rat’s patootie about as another trial, and as an explanation of why you may have seen an earlier post (which has since been deleted) that may have been a slight waste of time. Sorry bout dat.

And just to make sure I am aware of what this software will do, I’m adding a random picture below.

Forgive me for making you a guinea pig?