Whoo-hoo, lads and lassies! We made it safely to Jeffrey’s Bay, much thanks to Bokkie, our dear friends’ dear Land Rover — the one that made the trek from Edinburgh, Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa. Seriously people, they drove home from Scotland! I figure if this Landy has made it that far, what’s another 630 kms in a day? {Pictures of the Bear in the Bokkie forthcoming.}

And by the way, when I said it was a six hour trip yesterday, I meant nine. I must’ve been looking at the number upside down in my head. Ahem.

Anyway, our feature on SA Good News ended up being a great start for some local publicity! (Yay for friendship and writing your own press releases!) HH got a phone call from SABC3 and they want to do a wee feature of Samaritan’s Feet South Africa on their early, early and I do mean early, show. I think it’s called Breakfast Espresso or Morning Espresso or something. Someone’s gonna have to record it for me — not because I wouldn’t get up that early, but because we don’t have our TV hooked up to cable. It’s hooked up for Veggie Tales and Blue’s Clues (and occasionally Wonder Pets) and that’s about it.

So we’ve organised a last minute little shoe distribution with our amazing partners in Cape Town, Living Hope, {seriously, they’re awesome, check them out!} so that SABC3 will have some good footage for their story AND some more kids will be blessed with a message of hope, a clean pair of feet and a new pair of shoes! It should be a wonderful lil’ event Thursday morning, so if you’re in the Cape Town area and keen to volunteer, let me know! {Ahem, we could use you!}

All this means if there was any chance we could stay an extra day in JBay (and rent a surfboard!?!) that is out the window — we are going to head back to Gordon’s Bay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning. Translation: our poor baby Bear is getting chucked back into his car seat again before he knows what’s hit him! Bless him!

I think HH is finally here with a little dinner, (it’s 9pm and I’m pregnant!!) so I’m gonna scoot, but I was excited to share the news! You’re excited to hear it, right??