It’s kind of wild how often we actually end up travelling on Travelling Tuesdays! Today we are headed to Jeffrey’s Bay to deliver some shoes and pick up some others. It’ll be a very quick visit…six hours there, drop off shoes, pick up other shoes, overnight, six hours back. Feel free to pray for us: that things go smoothly, that the Bear stays happy, that we don’t get behind any Mac Trucks closely following each other and going 30 kilometres below the speed limit. 🙂

Two weeks ago I promised a continuation of the shots from the part of my Mom’s visit where we stayed at Amakhala Game Reserve. And I do intend today to make good on that promise…although I’m a week late, I know you forgive me. Right?

As the adventure continued on the afternoon game drive, we spotted a number of giraffes.

They are just such interesting creatures, you can’t help but stare and stare…and then wonder…Lord, what kind of mood were you in when those came to mind?

The rangers call this one Timmy. I think they said he’d been kicked in the head and wasn’t very bright. It’s unusual to see giraffes hanging out on their own so much of the time. But maybe Timmy’s just a loner.

This little one was so pooped from the full day of adventures, he passed out with his turtle on his head.

Everyone was happy for the Bear to come along on the last morning’s game drive, so he joined in on the adventure again. We spotted a big herd of buffalo and I got kind of nervous. They’re very dangerous and I was afraid he would shout something unintelligible to humans but offensive to buffalos. It’s a valid concern.

Apparently, this leader of the pack was leading the grazing trail, and simultaneously checking us out. Please stop squealing, Bear! He’s not a cow!!

Once we were a safe distance from the herd, {seriously people, buffalo are killers!} we stopped to enjoy the view and a little hot chocolate.

Amakhala is a really beautiful property.

And look who’s excited to be OW-SIIIIIDE!!!

Now let’s finish off with a few shots of the game, since that’s what we were there for after all…

Unfortunately, this is all we saw of the lions.

Look out, it’s a wild African Bear!!

🙂 Hope your week has gotten off to a great start! Happy Travelling Tuesday!