after passing back one more piece of candy, one more book, one more toy, shushing someone else’s discomfort, your own tired soul, and eyes that have stared out the window at some of the most beautiful mountain passes you’ve ever seen though you’re too tired even to say so…

deep thoughts passed with meadows rough and green

gobbling at ostriches to create entertainment {I’ve a proper gobble, don’t ya know}

singing new songs about the aloe plants we pass

twelve hours on the road

and one more piece of candy, surely, and then we’ll be home.

Sometimes it’s best

when every bit of you feels tired

and rest is the thing that you need more than any

and the Good Word hasn’t been in front of your eyes the way you need it to be

replaced with grocery lists and overdue emails and the dishwasher you forgot to turn on and the laundry that wasn’t conquered before you left

it’s good in those times just to hush in your soul

and let fingers rest further away from the keys

so eyes can linger on Good Words and then shut

in hopes of opening brighter tomorrow.

With heartfuls to say at the end of long days,

being still, hushing up, waiting for the refill,

sometimes it’s best.


*No Bears were harmed in the taking of that photo.