It’s an absolutely stunning, calm, sunny day here in Gordon’s Bay. Even though I’m feeling a little bit more tired lately (you know someone’s eating off my ticket, right?) the Bear and I have still been for a walk, done some laundry, washed the dishes, written on the patio with chalk, sprayed the chalk with a spray bottle of water for extra good fun, watched some Veggie Tales and Wonder Pets, and had a snack. And it’s only lunch time!

We have some wonderful friends arriving into the country tonight….

They are also Collies…but spelled Colley! Heather and Will from Augusta and ‘Bama, respectively, pictured above in my happening hometown, are a delightful couple, visiting for two weeks from the States, and as long as they remembered the very costly toll charge, chocolate chips, they’ll be driven home from the airport this evening! 😉

Heather and I were bosom buds and travelling pals in Scotland. (Here we’re on our way to do a big cycle around the Isle of Arran. It was a loooong bike ride, and we almost missed the ferry home…)

Here we are in London…

And Germany…

She’s a delightfully sweet pal!

Will also really likes these…

So I think he’s great, too. 🙂

I am so thankful for friends being able to travel by plane to come visit, {I sometimes think about how much harder life as a missionary would be if it weren’t for air travel. Holy Cow!} for friendship, and for a great opportunity to let my Southern drawl hang out. Y’all know it. Looking forward to showing some more southerners around the really deep South for the next couple of weeks!! Yee-haw!