Hey guys and gals! Remember the awesome worship album I told you about a few weeks ago? If you don’t, please click that link and go watch the video on youtube. It’s stellar! Well, the album launch is happening This Thursday!

These are the details:

If you are in the Cape Town area, heck, if you’re in South Africa, I think you should go! It’s gonna be lekker and I wish Hero Hubs was around so we could go together!

I think the music will be available on iTunes before too long — when I have more details, I’ll let you know!



P.S. As I type this announcement, I am listening to the Bear snoring through the baby monitor. He has a cold and it seriously sounds like a baby pig is snorting around in his bedroom. I wish you guys were here to enjoy this. Hero Hubs has obviously been gone too long if I can appreciate snoring enough to tell you about it.