Happy Tuesday, ladies and gents! How’s your day going? You don’t have to answer that, but I would love it if you did. 🙂 Among the many adventures we enjoyed while G.C. (my Mama) was visiting, one special moment was just a hop, skip and a jump down the road from Port Alfred, where we stayed in a holiday home with Hero Hub’s folks for a few days. {It was really special to have so many grandparents around at once!}

The hop, skip and jump took us to Kenton-on-Sea, a beautiful beachy spot with lovely and unique rock formations that are just awe-inspiring. You feel like you could hang out there with a camera all day and just try to capture it. But ya couldn’t.

We took some shots for you anyway — want to see?

Care to guess what happened above? The Bear headed straight for the first tide pool that presented itself, and splickety-sploshed right in. He spent the rest of the adventure in soggy socks and sandals, but he didn’t seem to mind. Did you see the waves crashing against the rocks behind us?

Sigh. I <3 my Mama. What do you think this rock looks like?

I know the Bear looks uncertain, but he’s really having a good time…

Was that too much people and not enough rock?

We think he might have an Explorer Spirit…we don’t know where he got it from.

And last, but most favourite, HH’s Dad says this is the Kenton-on-Sea bus stop!

Well, I hope that was a 16 photo escape for your Tuesday-viewing pleasure! Don’t go back and count, I’m not good with numbers. 🙂

May the road rise to meet you wherever this Tuesday takes you next!


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