Hi Guys and Gals! Sorry I went AWOL on you for a couple of days. Hero Hubs returned safely, late Friday night, and I was pretty excited he was back, and my MacBook probably got a little jealous from the lack of attention. 🙂 There are tales of intrigue, stories of being “invited to leave” press conferences, evidences of a very watchful Central Intelligence Organisation and some good ol’ photos and captions to share the details of his Zimbabwean adventure, but we’ll have to take some time to think through what we ought to or ought not to post in this space.

The great news is HH has safely returned and a lot of very poor and underprivileged children were blessed with a new pair of shoes and encouraged to hope and to dream big. And, Samaritan’s Feet South Africa had the special privilege of being a part of the work that is happening in Zimbabwe, where people are daring to believe that Healing, Reconciliation and Integration can take place in a country where hunger, brutality and horrible violence were for a long time a fact of life.

Great things are happening there, but I sure am glad Hero Hubs is back here. The Bear really, really, really is too.

In another slice of news, he will probably have to return next month so, y’all pray for me.

More to come!