Happy Friday, one and all! I thought I’d share a few special links with you for your perusal over the weekend, but just in case you don’t know what day it is tomorrow, make sure you swing back by to find out!

I’ve had food on the brain this week — I am pregnant after all — and I wanted to share a couple of recipes that might make your day a little brighter before too long!

When I have a couple of extra bananas that didn’t get eaten quickly enough, this is my go-to recipe. I usually have an extra banana in the freezer that was too ripe for fresh enjoyment and three is all I need to make this awesome banana bread. (Four is better, though.) The recipe only takes one bowl, and throwing everything together usually takes me about 15 minutes. I let the Bear help this time and he loved it! I wish you could’ve seen that baby stir — a lot less mess than I expected!

Banana Bread Recipe!

Since I had a special delivery of tortillas a few weeks ago (I don’t like buying them here because they’re pretty expensive) I made these awesome Fajitas a few nights ago. They are SO easy. I use an extra pepper, and this time I tried using a peeler to strip a carrot into nice thin strips to add a little more veggie to the mix. It was a nice addition! (See my pretty picture?) Since the food cooks together before you add the spices and soup (I use a packet of soup instead of a can, btw the way…saving the Rand!), I just take a Bear-sized portion out before adding the soup and spices, and then the Bear’s mouth doesn’t catch fire and we all happily enjoy the meal together. If you like it hot, throw in some chili flakes, a little cayenne, a generous splash of paprika and an extra helping of chili powder. (Just don’t forget to take out a portion for the kiddos first!) ¡Ole!

Chicken Fajita Recipe!

Like Dora the Explorer’s Backpack says, it is ¡¡YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM … delicioso!!

Kristen, over at We Are THAT Family, made a beautiful announcement about some ministry she is involved in getting started in Kenya that is very inspiring. You can read the announcement here!

And last but not least, have you been {in}couraged lately? (in)courage is an awesome website, specifically geared toward women, with an amazing team of writers who pump out beautiful posts filled with challenge and — you guessed it — (in)couragement, day after day. (I wish they’d let me join in the fun with a post or two!) They had their first “guy writer” just this week, so fellas — you can go have a look, too! If you haven’t been by lately, they have a new look and some kickin’ new features. It might just (in)courage you in the direction of a better day!

(In)couragement Recipe!

I hope you have a great and (in)couraging weekend!