Happy Friday!!! Isn’t it glorious? This the most favouritest Friday I’ve had in a long time, because Hero Hubs flies back from Zimbabwe this evening. Whoo-hoo! I hope your week has been a good one, and I really appreciated those of you who took a moment to lift up mine. In the midst of challenges, grace and strength met me around every corner. And when I was ralphing in the bathroom and there was no one around who could make sure the Bear wasn’t up to mischief in the kitchen, the Lord had an eye on him. (I returned to discover my banana bread was slightly overdone, but the Bear was happily munching away at a bag of chips, and just fine.)

The Pure Life Conference is happening this weekend, and I sure do wish I wasn’t half a world away so that I could enjoy it! But I shared a post close to my heart on the Pure Life Blog yesterday that you can venture over to enjoy :: Because of Your Faith, It Will Happen. {Do you ever feel like your prayers are hitting the ceiling? This might be an encouragement.}

I’d also love to pile another thought or two on your weekend reading list by directing you to the gypsy mama. She recently visited Guatemala with Compassion International and she has some amazingly heartwarming stories, some challenging thoughts and some beautiful photos to share. Please check out :: The Only Virus Worth Catching.

And Emily, over at Chatting at the Sky, has some always well-chosen, and inspirational words about enjoying life as it is at the moment :: Embracing the Now Normal.

As a last request before your weekend gets off, would you mind telling me…do you read this stuff? Do you click these links and visit these sites? Or is this something you’d rather I didn’t bother with in this space? This place is yours as much as it is mine, so help me arrange the furniture. 🙂