Are you on Twitter? It’s okay if you’re not, I’m just asking. In case you need an explanation, on Twitter you basically share news in 140 characters (not words) or less with anyone who is “following” you. You use hashtags “#” if you’re speaking about a particular subject that you think other people are likely to search for. It’s an interesting experiment in social networking. Anyway.

When I was waiting for my Mom to arrive at the airport last week, I wished I had internet access because there were so many things I wanted to tweet during my adventure up to Joburg and back. This is Africa and there wasn’t much wifi for the taking, unfortunately. So I wrote down a few tweets I thought you might enjoy in hindsight. Some might be more than 140 characters but since this isn’t twitter, who’s counting?

Oh great. I’m sitting in front of a loud talker/chair pusher. At least he’s not speaking English. It’s a lot easier to drown out.

Wow. Two gentleman were just about to fight in the aisle before exit. #Gentlemanisaloseterm

The convo ended w/ the very buff guy telling the overweight guy (who was definitely talking a ridiculous amount of smack) Shut up, Fat Man.

Why do potential fights give me that excited-butterfly-oh-no feeling? I’m not in high school anymore.

I just ordered a salad at Mugg & Bean. I’m pregnant and I ordered a salad. This is unbelievable.

I think that was 1 of the best salads I’ve ever had. Enjoy the healthy goodness, wee one on the way. Can’t promise it’ll happen again soon.

I just found an amazing bakery with a million things I want to try. #PregnantLadyinaCandyStore

I’m gonna have to be honest. That chocolate chip muffin needed more chocolate chips. #Dern.

My Mom’s going to land in a few minutes! Whoo-hoo! Time to find a potty and get my waitin face on!

My Mom is heeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

My Mom is here and she has snacks! Chocolate covered pretzels, howzit? I’ve missed you!

Did I mention my Mom is here?

Thank you, South African airways for that tasty second supper. I didn’t even need that half a PBJ twenty minutes ago.

The rise of Jimmy Choos is being told and retold on TV on this flight. #SoRandom

A safe landing in Cape Town, my Mama in tow. #BestdayI’vehadinalongtime

Perhaps worth a few smiles and laughs? Maybe a retweet? 😉


P.S. Here’s a token of promise that great photos are on the way! (In case you’re wondering, that’s two handfuls of sand on the way.)