Hi guys and gals! I’m so excited to share some awesome news with you! Kristen of We Are THAT Family has chosen to make a shoe drive for Samaritan’s Feet South Africa the Back to School Do It For Others Project this month. She will be collecting new shoes back in the beautiful big state of Texas that will bless the feet of children and adults here in sub-Saharan Africa!

By the way, did you know South Africa is roughly twice the size of Texas? That’s a lot of feet!

Even though we were blessed with a big shipment of shoes from our parent organization Stateside to help with our World Cup initiative, we are already close to diminishing our supply of children’s shoes for Shoes of Hope distributions at local schools and churches in the weeks and months ahead. If you, dear friends and readers, have wanted to do something to get involved with the work of Samaritan’s Feet South Africa, this is an awesome opportunity. You can head over to We are THAT Family to find out more. And if you can’t send shoes, you can also find out how to make a donation that will make a difference!

In case you haven’t heard the story, the founder of Samaritan’s Feet is a testimony to the fact that a pair of shoes can change a life. (You can read his story here.)

We can’t wait to see how many lives will be changed by the generosity of you and the readers at We Are THAT Family!

Thank you, Kristen, for taking the initiative to help make a difference in the lives of kids in need in this part of the world. To a lot of those who give, it will just mean giving a pair of shoes. To the kids who receive these shoes, it sometimes means the world!

And an especially big thank you to everyone who gives!


P.S. If you’re new to carolinecollie.com and would like to see more photos from Shoes of Hope distributions, or find out what a distribution is like, choose the category “Shoe Stories” from the drop-down box in the right hand column or click here.