I wrote this a few weeks ago when things were quite busy…but I was a little too busy to remember to post it. Enjoy! xCC

There are moments in life, to which you might relate,
where it seems as if you’ve got one too many plate
you spin, one burden too many to carry,
with weight, one path too many to walk.

And finding myself in those heavy moments, where all seems
blurry and messy, where there seem to be too many things to do
for me to know where to start,
I recognise a simple pattern, pointing right back to my heart.

For knowing this, what I’ll say now,
I wonder why it seems
I trudge along in muddy waters
instead of cleansing streams.

There’s this peace I find — this peace divine —
when I take time to be still.
I stay my mind upon the Vine
whether all is well or ill.

Prone to wander, my poor heart,
distracted by the day,
loses peace at rapid speeds
and edges start to fray.

But turn again to that sweet sound
the Voice I ought to know
and in His Word, He guides me still:
this is the way to go.

Though wander I, for day or week,
through seasons with weary soul,
if I return to that good Vine,
My Shepherd makes me whole.

–Caroline Collie