This is an excerpt of an email reply I felt prompted to write a few weeks ago. I thought I might just drop it into a post, because for some reason I thought it might also be a word for a few of you, friends. It is amazing how a word that is in season for one of us is also in season, and encouraging, for others among us at the same time. If it’s a word for you, I hope you’re encouraged and you’ll take it to heart!

The excerpt:

Before I answer your questions, if I may, I just want to encourage you to press into the Lord to ask Him to continue to confirm His will to you. It’s easy to read into our circumstances (and what other people think), and that might try to dictate to us whether or not we’re walking in His will. But sometimes we are like Peter, getting out of the boat, walking on the water over to Jesus. He was in Jesus’ will, because Jesus said “Come” but he saw the wind and was afraid. The wind is likely to blow in an attempt to hinder you from walking in the plans God has for you. But don’t let the wind convince you that you’re not walking toward Jesus. Let Him confirm it to you. I say this now because when you arrive and things get tough, the enemy will creep in and whisper “Did God really say…?” and you’ll struggle to stand on faith through those tough moments if there is uncertainty in your heart. Transcontinental moves {insert your calling here} are not for the faint of heart — especially moves called by the will of God.

It sounds like the Lord might have a boat for you to get out of. My simple prayer when I was uncertain about my move to Scotland was just like Peter’s: “Lord, if it’s You, bid me come.” He did, unmistakably, and it was good to be able to point to that at moment when the enemy crept in to say “Did God really say…?”

{end excerpt}

Is there a boat the Lord wants you to get out of today? I hope you’ll run after the Lord, listen for His will and with simple and childlike faith respond like Peter: “Lord if it’s You, bid me come.” In His good timing, I trust you’ll hear His “Come,” His “This is the way, walk in it” — His voice with unmistakable power and peace, bidding you to follow, to walk in His glory.

Was that a word for you? If so, I’d love to know!