It’s been a while since the last edition of Free-for-All Friday! Have all thirty-seven of you been missing it?

There are a couple of things I think you might enjoy perusing over the weekend. But before your perusal begins, I’d like to ask you to take a moment to pray for my Mom. She is leaving today to travel to South Africa to visit us. I. Am. Ecstatic. She’s travelling by herself. (Y’all know my travelling’s have two l’s right?) And while she’s all growed up and I’m not too worried, I would like to ask you to pray that things go smoothly and easily and peacefully and that she enjoys the travels and doesn’t get seated near cheeky people who pretend their seat doesn’t lean back so that they can move up to her row and their wife can have three seats and lay down.

Cos that happened last time.

In all seriousness, please say a prayer {whether you’re a pray-er or not, I just know you can do it!} for her safety and that we’ll find each other easily in Joburg Airport and that her travels will be without delay. And once you’re done, enjoy Free-for-All Friday!

My favourite for the weekend is this video my Mother-in-Love sent me. (Doesn’t that sound better than in-Law? It was love that brought us together!) Perhaps some of you have seen it since it hit you tube a couple years ago, but it didn’t make it to my neck of the woods, so perhaps it didn’t make it to yours, either.


There’s also a great lil’ thing happening I believe I may have mentioned already over at We Are THAT Family: check out the Back to School Do It For Others Project.

I came across a really lovely site called Pure and Lovely. If you’re into design, or if you like looking at pretty pictures, you might really enjoy this one. I might ask the lovely gal behind Pure and Lovely for help with coming up with a plan for doing something Pure and Lovely with the dining room table and chairs we bought at the auction the other week. They’re a little scruffy. She names furniture in a really sophisticated fashion. What’s not to love?

There are new pictures of my darling baby niece (who I will finally meet at Thanksgiving, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!) over at my sister’s blog. She is just too cute not to share.

I also came across a site called Life. Rearranged. which features guest bloggers and encourages folks to give to charity every couple of weeks. There are some lovely, lovely people sharing some beautiful, tough truth over there. Also recommended for your weekend-blog-catchup perusal.

Last but not least, laughter is good medicine, and you might have a nice wee giggle with my friend Natasha’s post, The Cookie Experiment. Natasha loves to laugh, has a wonderful sense of humour, and to my knowledge doesn’t do crack, although this post might make you wonder. 🙂

The cowboy Bear just woke up so I better scoot! Happy Weekend!!!