If you like your news straightforward and direct, look no further. This photographic delivery is just for you!

Here’s the Bear, too focused on the Wonder Pets or a rugby match to help me out with announcing the news.

C’mon Bear, people are waiting!

The Bear is obviously not helping the straightforward news shoot straight! Bear Bear, help us out!

Well, in the meantime perhaps this will provide some clarity:

Does that clear things up?? Let’s see if the Bear can get it together for a big finish…

Almost there…

Finally, he’s got it! And we can see on his face how he feels about the news! …

Coming soon to a crib near (or perhaps not-so-near) you: Baby Collie #2!

In diapers, February 2011!

You heard it hear first! Unless you heard it somewhere else already. 🙂