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HH and I have a few prayer requests we’d like to share with you, ahem, if you get our drift. We’re going to be travelling home for the holidays and hope to book our flights soon, but now we’ve realised we’ll need to be travelling back a little sooner. And as I’ve shared already, we’d like to find a new place first. I already mentioned the damp and leak issues, but there are also some other factors we have to consider. You see, we’re going to be needing a slightly bigger place to live in the not-too distant future. We have a friend coming to visit from Scotland, and um, we’re also expecting another visitor. And that visitor is likely to arrive in mid-February but it hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

I also have some interesting things going on with regard to my health that I’d appreciate your prayers about: I’m occasionally a little queasy and it’s a funny thing, but my sense of smell seems to be a lot stronger. If I stand up too quick I get dizzy and I’m occasionally a little excessively emotional. (Pray for HH!) There are also some foods I would normally like to eat that I don’t want, and others that I don’t usually want to eat but now I do. I’m going through boxes of Bran Flakes by the dozen which is VERY weird for me. I’m also a bit more rushed to get the Bear potty-trained because changing poopy diapers is a lot more bothersome than it used to be. Kind of strange, hey?

So thanks for keeping us in your prayers. We’re expecting to have a lot growing going on early next year.