Hey boys and squirrels. Hope all twenty-seven of you (yeah I think numbers are up!) didn’t miss me too much yesterday. I know it is normally Travelling Tuesday and I normally have some shots to share, but things have been a little busy around here. I’ve repeatedly had people mention to me directly, or indirectly, over the past few days how much they enjoy lists. Not just top tens, but lists in general. So instead of making paragraph-shaped excuses for my absence yesterday, I thought I’d make a Top-Ten List of reasons because that’s almost like giving some of you a gift, and a gift makes way for the giver, which means you’ll hopefully like the gift, forgive me and retweet and Facebook share like it’s nobody’s business. Or at least you’ll come back.

So. Why was I MIA yesterday? Here are the :: Top Ten Things Keeping Me Busy Right Now ::

10.This little man is rounding the corner on age two. Lately people, after asking whether he’s a boy or a girl (I know STILL can you believe it?), comment that he is “busy.” I think he’s chilled and great. But he is an active wee one, and should probably count twice on this top ten list. And all the mamas said Amen.

9. Nausea. Yeah. Good old queasy y’all-sit-still-cos-you’re-rocking-the-boat nausea. It has been SO MUCH BETTER than it was with the Bear, but it is still slowing me down.

8. I’m helping a friend build a website. I can’t send you there yet because it’s not pretty enough. But I’m learning a lot and perhaps before too long things might be looking a little prettier around here!

7. Laundry. Does anyone else ever feel like you got a couple of weeks behind at a busy moment and now you just CAN NOT ever, ever EVER catch up on the laundry? EVER!

6. I’m blogging for Pure Life. I think another post of mine will hit the web over there tomorrow. I’ll paste a link here to let you know for sure. Exciting!

5. Hero Hubs and I have been collecting boxes.

4. And perusing Gum Tree in the evenings. And during the day.

3. And visiting furniture stores. And discussing whether we should be buying cheap as chips or buying with long-term use in mind.

2. And we went to an auction Monday night! We were hoping to score a couch, but we ended up with a rug. What are we doing all this for?

1. Because we’re moving! Yay yay yay yay yay! We found a new place, still in our same lovely neighbourhood, which we’re really happy about. It. Is. Awesome. However, it is UNfurnished, and the place we’re in now is fully furnished. So we are hunting for deals to furnish a big place on a small budget! Whoo-hoo! August 1st or sooner, we’re gonna have a new address!

So that’s all the busyness and whatnot. And today or tomorrow, you can add packing to the list. But probably not till tomorrow because we are celebrating our anniversary today! What’s happening is a surprise — I just know we’re going somewhere overnight, and the Bear is coming with us. Will have to let you know what Hero Hubs has up his sleeve once I find out! 😀

I am looking forward to showing you pictures of the new place! And hoping the Lord will bless me with some design on a dime {or a one rand coin} creativity!

Thanks for your prayers! More to come soon–promise!