Hey boys and squirrels. So. Great News. I was asked to contribute to the Pure Life Conference Blog, a wee slice of the Pure Life Conference ministry which seeks to empower women to live their dreams. In preparation for the conference this September, and beyond, contributors will be working to inspire and encourage women at the Pure Life Conference blog site. If you’re in the area, or could be, I highly recommend checking out the Pure Life Conference and considering the adventure. If I wasn’t 8,000 miles away I would LOVE to be there.

PureLife Blogger

My first post over at the Pure Life Blog hit the web today. I worked hard to make it less than 500 words. You know me, right? So I think, brevity being the soul of wit and all, you might enjoy moseying on over to enjoy the read. Since I succeeded in culling my word count, it won’t take long! 😉

Before you go, one last thing. I have some exciting news to share with you, but I’m not totally sure how to share it. Some of you might like a straightforward news-in-pictures sort of scenario, while I’m thinking others of you might rather enjoy a Top-Ten Surprise whoo-hoo delivery. So I’ve decided just for tomorrow (that’s Wednesday, July 14th!) the format of my homepage will invite you in with a couple of posts to choose from, so that you can decide how you wanna hear the news, then you can click and enjoy at your leisure. Although I have a feeling you’ll probably read both anyway, it’s still fun, right?

Are we moving continents again? Ending our work with Samaritan’s Feet to fulfill our lifelong dream of living like gypsies? Ugh, we kinda live like gypsies already. Am I finally getting my lazy bum off the couch and training for a triathlon? D, None of the Above?? You’re gonna have to come back tomorrow to find out!

So. Pure Life today, back here tomorrow. Deal?