As previously mentioned friends, and thrice promised, it is so: the fun and blessing on our excursion at Kruger Park included lots and lots of elephants, but that was NOT the sum total of the adventure! (Another reason to say thanks this Tuesday!)

Would you like to see some more?

Well good!

We started out praying to just see anything because the bush was so high things were not looking good, (it was so high it was like we were driving with walls on both sides of us). But as the day progressed our prayers were answered, and while the game rangers were seeing very little, we were blessed beyond belief!

It all started with a little baboon action.

And then we stopped at a rest camp to ask where the bush would be lower so that we might more easily see some game, and an impala gang popped in to say hi.

We headed back out to greet those baboons again, and then the first couple of elephants we saw, which you’ve seen already. The Bear was sleepy and not interested.

Can you spot Mommy Elephant back there?

Shortly after, the Bear decided to nap while we pressed on. We spotted a warthog but the photo wasn’t so good. And then someone mooned us!

And then someone else mooned us!

And you would’ve thought the animals all planned it ahead of time because then Pumba from the Lion King got into the mooning act!

Now that’s enough sillyness. I shall give you a few more highlights to peruse and enjoy. In the end, we were blessed with a TON of wonderful sightings, including seeing FOUR of the big five. Which is a big deal on a day when the bush is so high! (Our four were: elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard. We just didn’t see lions, probably because it was so stinking hot they were snoozing in the shade. Lazy cats!)

At one point these monkeys looked like they were holding hands and playing a game. Sweet!

It’s a big deal to spot a leopard, by the way! HUGE! An answer to prayer! (The leopard is the least often spotted of the big five — pardon the pun.)

Another Pumba, willing to pose. Isn’t he gross? And somehow still amazing and special?

Towards the end of the adventure we spotted two rhinos…the lighting was getting low so it was tough to get good shots! Sowwy!

Rhinos are so amazing to me. They look so prehistoric!

And last but not least, our hopes became a reality: the Bear saw his ZUH ZUH!!!

I said, “Bear Bear, what’s THAT?” And he said “Zuh zuh! Zuh zuh! Zuh zuh!” It was lovely. He looked at the picture just now and said it again! I need to tell you more about this zuh zuh another day.

By the end of this special adventure, we unwrapped many unexpected gifts…I don’t even have time to tell all the tails! 😉

This TravellingTuesday has a Nutshell Sermon worth considering: If we’d just listened to everyone else’s report, high bush and few sightings, we wouldn’t have driven around and looked in earnest, believing we’d see something if we kept looking. But instead we prayed and believed, and we did our part, by driving and carefully looking out with the hopes of seeing some special animals up close and personal. If we’d given up, we would not have spotted half of what we saw. But the persistence and belief paid off!

The Sermon in a Nutshell: Sometimes the best thing you can do is choose not to let what everyone else tells you define your reality. Dream big, believe for greatness and earnestly look for those blessings with expectation. Then you’ll be in the right position to receive them!

I hope your week is off to a great start and you’re enjoying your adventure today!


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