While waiting for Uncle Russ and Erin to arrive, we enjoyed the excitement of World Cup Fever at Cape Town airport. And we sure did document it for you to enjoy it, too! Happy Tuesday!

These vuvuzela-laden, aptly-dressed kids are obviously ready for some World Cup action. But what are they looking at?

It’s a delightfully “African” band, welcoming international arrivals to Cape Town and the World Cup. (And singing songs that mention Bafana Bafana {South Africa’s team!} and lilt along Welcome to Ah-free-cahhh…).

They were kind enough to let the Bear enjoy the fun! He is apparently a budding musician.

But if you buy him a drum set, I. Will. Hurt. You. Don’t you love that one of the musicians is dressed as a soccer player?

Check out this cool instrument which has an African name I couldn’t pronounce, let alone spell.

The Bear thinks it’s interesting too. I suppose you can get him one of those. They are lyrical and peaceful.

If you make it down here, FIFA is ready to welcome you!

And the minute your plane touches down, you’ll be seeing flags. Everywhere.

I’d never seen so much lovely decor at an airport. Not even in Dubai!

Okay, except that the big black trash bags are kind of pretty darn visible. And they kind of feel like creepy shrines to a nonexistent soccer god.

Before I sign off you must enjoy this last moment that I wish we’d better documented. One of the band members taught the Bear how to dance to the music!

“Ashley” as the band member called him, is a very good dancer and a clever boy indeed! 🙂

My brother and Erin are visiting a game reserve overnight, so I had a brief moment to give you an update and a Travelling Tues! Hope you enjoyed it and that your week’s off to a great start! We are enjoying our visitors and can’t wait for them to get back, but I have a special stroll in the queue for you tomorrow. Even though Ashley isn’t featured, I think you’ll enjoy it!