Thanks to Emily’s encouragement at Chatting at the Sky, I’ve been taking a moment to think about things I am thankful for (and still share some Travelling-goodness with you) on Tuesdays. Last week I bought a lot of fruit and veg at the grocery store…too much to fit in my tiny fruit basket shopping cart, and so I had to choose another bowl to arrange some of it in.

As I took a moment to step back and smile at my arrangement, I suddenly realised what a privilege it is to even have this much food. I thought about people nearby who will perhaps never have the funds to buy as much food as we buy each time we pop into the Pic n Pay. My heart was warm with thankfulness, and humbled with conviction as well.

I am thankful for what I have.

But I want to make sure I remember the poor and give.

And the realisation of both of those things is a good reason to be thankful on a Tuesday.