Hey guys and gals! There’s a giveaway over at the Run-a-Muck right now for a book called Mercy Rising. Perhaps in some ways akin to the Hole in our Gospel which has been rocking my socks off for the past wee while, it is an inspiring book that will help you believe you can make a difference to a world in need. It is also a unique resource boasting a multitude of ideas and features to help us get from “I wanna help but I don’t know how” to “I’m gonna help and here’s how.”

I desperately want to inspire you guys, because I am finding life and joy in the inspiration I’m receiving from my experiences here in South Africa. I hope that if you believe anything else, based on the things I write and share and point toward in this space, you’ll believe ::

1. That Jesus is who He says He is, the One who lived and died for your sin and mine and offers grace and forgiveness at His own expense and

2. That you can make a difference in the world, following the example He set and obeying the things He taught. And if we ignore everything He taught about care and concern for the poor, than we are indeed living out a holey Gospel and we are missing the social revolution Jesus set in place.

Hop on over to the Run-a-Muck to read more about this special book and how you can win a copy! I hope you’ll be inspired!