I‘m off guest posting today! But to make sure you don’t miss me too much, I thought an excerpt and a link might entice you to join the party over at Amanda’s.

The excerpt:

Here in South Africa I’ve just had two hair cuts so far. The first wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. The second was beyond disappointing. You see, I had asked for not much off the length (because Hero Hubs likes the long hair) but I still wanted some layers to give it a bit of movement, and the old layers in my hair needed shaping up anyway. Sorry guys, this may not seem universal at the moment but stick with me. I can only describe the act that followed as precisely NOT what I was hoping for. He took a lot off the length, and only left a little long hair in the back. He hacked into my long locks with layers galore, the shortest of which start around my ears. It is ridiculous. I left rather sorrowful and have been pulling the top layer of hair back with bobby pins or a hair clip since the cut, which was just before we left for a trip a few weeks ago.

The link:

Right here, baby. Just don’t bring your scissors.

The story:

Hopefully priceless.

Enjoy the weekend!


UPDATE: I initially forgot to add the link to this post — if you showed up with disappointment the first time round, come back and try again! As Ming Ming the Wonder Pet would say…Sowwy. 🙂