The teams have touched down, the fans are arriving, the streets are full of flags and side view mirror covers, jerseys and soccer balls, and the opening ceremonies are a few hours away! South Africa is ablaze with the excitement of the first World Cup to ever take place on the continent of Africa, and we’re excited too!

While the eyes of the world will be focused on soccer stadiums and cheering crowds, some great things are happening in SA that may not be in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Ministries around the country are taking this opportunity to run programs for kids who’ll be out of school for the month, they’re hosting big screen events for people who might not otherwise get to watch the games, and they’re endeavouring to just bless people in need the best way they know how.

Samaritan’s Feet South Africa is a part of that crowd: cheering on Africa in the belief that the kindness we show to one another can make a difference that will still be ringing out long after the stadiums are empty and the teams have gone home. We’re hoping to give away 5,000 pairs of shoes to children and adults around the country during the World Cup. We do this in partnership with other ministries, like YWAM and Living Hope. Together we’re hosting distributions where we TEACH a message of hope, we TOUCH each person by washing their feet, and we TREAT those clean feet to a new pair of socks and shoes.

Samaritan’s Feet SA will personally be delivering shoes to different parts of the country, arranging the storage of shoes we’ve been blessed with by our parent organization Stateside, and lots more. We could use your help to make these endeavours possible!

Would you like to be a part of the good stuff that’s happening during the World Cup in SA?

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