Not to catch you unawares…

But we’re hitting the road! (That photo’s an oldie, but goody, don’t ya think?)

Some exciting stuff is happening in our neck of the woods! We’ll be travelling around South Africa for the next two weeks or so to host some training sessions for folks who would like to partner with Samaritan’s Feet and YWAM to bless people with a message of hope, clean feet, and a new pair of shoes during the 2010 World Cup! Which is now about 40 days away! Woot! Mr. Potato Head is raring to go!

We’ll be travelling to Jeffrey’s Bay, East London, Durban, the Drakensberg, the Nelspruit/Kruger area, Johannesburg, and most especially, our beloved Bloemfontein! If you live in any of these areas and you’re interested in finding out more about our World Cup Initiative and perhaps joining hands and washing feet, please Click Here and Let Me Know!

And for those of you a bit further afield, could I ask a couple of favours?

#1 This sore throat I’ve previously mentioned (the one I’ve had off and on for about 8 months — since our arrival) sort of stopped cramping my style on Thursday, but I’m launching a massive prayer attack and I’m on the offensive to believe this bad boy is out for good! In case you’re wondering, I’ve taken medicine for it more than once, but it just keeps returning after a two or three week sabbatical. Please pray that it will be gone and not be a bother while we’re travelling (and when we get back!)

#2 Please pray for our safety while we’re on the road.

Okay sorry I have three favours to ask.

#3 Please also pray that we’ll get lots of involvement in each of the cities we visit, that we’ll be able to find committed folks who would like to serve as City Coordinators for this project, and that it will be a smooth and successful journey.

Hmm. That was like five things, wasn’t it? You don’t mind do you?

Ooh! And please pray that the Bear will be a happy, healthy travelling Bear and he’ll enjoy the trip, too!

Okay really that’s it.

So, good news! Even though I’m away, I do have some posts prepared to share with you in absentia!  Although I am not sure if we’ll be able to hop on the net at each of our stops along the tour, you’ll still have some previously-scheduled posts hitting the web for your perusal and enjoyment! If you comment and I don’t get a chance to reply right away, you got grace for dat, right? 🙂 And just think of all the new Travelling Tuesdays this adventure will provide for when I get back!

We head out tomorrow morning, so as it often seems to be the case, it’s another actual Travelling Tuesday for the books! I’ll write ya from the road!